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Austria Travelogues and Travel Journals

Travel journals of Austria

Travelogues Austria

Week-end in Austria

My friend Stefan invited me to visit him in Innsbruck and I only have good memories of my stay there...
Duration: week-end Rating
Reviewed by: Pedro Leiria + Share

Travelogue Austria summer 2003 (July 8 to 13)

After a last coffee at the bar and saying the unevitable goodbye to Joško we are on our way.
First we go to the supermarket at Nin where we left or lost our wallet and it has been found, waiting for us. Lucky us.
Duration: 6 days Rating
Reviewed by: Elisabeth and Teije Westerhof + Share

Austria travelogues - August 2005

I have visited Austria several times. My first visit was in 1998 for a ski trip to Schladming. I came back a year later, this time to Heiligenblut. In the Summer of 1999, after graduating high school, I went on a trip to Budapest and Vienna by bus (!!) with a friend.

We got stuck in Vienna longer than we intended to, well at least longer than my homesick friend intented to ;) and had a great time! Six years later, in April 2005, I visited Vienna again for a week, for the EGU conference. I liked it so much that I returned to Austria in Summer for a week, visiting Bregenz, Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Duration: 1 week Rating
Reviewed by: Hanneke Luijting + Share

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