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Belgium Health and Safety

Belgium: All the information about health, safety, vaccinations and main advices for the trip

Health and Safety

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People visiting Belgium do not need any kind of inoculation as the threat of infectious or viral diseases in the country is quite negligible. Influenza can be a trouble for most visitors during winters. Water is generally safe for drinking, and there is easy availability of world class health care facilities.

Safety is also not too big a concern. Apart from a few areas in central Brussels and the outskirts of Antwerp most areas are generally safe for foreigners. Tourists just need to be a little cautious in vacant streets and places and when travelling alone at night. Expensive goods, luggage and jewellery should be taken care of.

When in Belgium it is better to avoid discussing political issues as most Belgians do not wish to share there likes and dislikes about political agendas, parties and leaders.

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