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France Weather Forecasts

France Weather: maximum and minimum temperature

Weather France

Date 5/25/2016

Climate index

Average temperature
Min temp.
Max Temp.

Average rainfall

Weather Top Destinations France

Location Weather Min Max
Marseille Marseille 54° F 72° F
Lyon Lyon 45° F 66° F
Ajaccio Ajaccio 50° F 70° F
Strasbourg Strasbourg 48° F 68° F
Limoges Limoges 48° F 68° F
Caen Caen 46° F 61° F
Bastia Bastia 54° F 68° F
Nice Nice 57° F 64° F
Metz Metz 50° F 68° F
Toulouse Toulouse 55° F 73° F

Weather Forecasts In Other Destinations France

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