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Mount Olympus is a favourite with all mountain climbers. It takes about two days to climb to Mititkas, but one can easily take more time. There are decent trails available there; hence, no special training or equipment is required.

Due to its altitude, Mount Olympus has a variety of flora which includes some rare endemic plants, about 23 types. Mount Olympus also has a variety of species. Approximately 32 species of mammals and 102 species of birds have been recorded to be found here.  

The Archaeological Park and museum of Dion situated at the foot of Mount Olympus must be visited. It is rumoured that Alexander the Great made sacrifices here before moving on to conquer the world.

Every August, the Olympus Festival is celebrated which includes performances of plays in the restored ancient theatre.

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Mount Olympus is the highest mountain peak in Greece. It is part of the Olympus range located on the border between Macedonia and Thessaly, near the...
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