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The centre of the stronghold, with its characteristic violets, the small streets, the imposing Venetian fortress and the picturesque little port make Naxos one of the most beautiful cities of the whole island.

From the harbor one can distinguish the superb marble portal of Apollo’s temple, which was built in 522 a.C. but never ended since.
Following the Greek mythology the island became Ariadne’s home, she was abandoned by Theseus after the killing of Mynothaurus.

In Naxos there are numerous marble quarries which represent the island’s most important economic source.
The city is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. In winter the temperature drops down until 2°C or 3°C while in the summer it reaches even 38°C to 40°C. The north eastern part of the region is influenced by the continental climate.

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Overall rating: 10
Naxos is the biggest island of Cyclades, therefore it has many traditional villages, many beautiful beaches and lots of great restaurants which serve...
Not to be missed:
Apollo's Temple (Portara)
The Old Town
Agios Prokopios Beach
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Overall rating: 8
Great place to spend some time, wandering true the old town and viewing the shops. the place has great restorant's, picasso's is the best place in town...
Not to be missed:
beach at agi anna
The Old Town
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Overall rating: 6
Naxos is the capital of the homonymous island situated in the heart of the Egan sea. The city is divided into two principal quarters; Bourgos which...
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Travellers' choice

The Old Town
Agios Prokopios Beach
Apollo's Temple (Portara)
Beach at agi anna
Food on the waterfront in Chora
Mt Zas
Must visit appollonas
Stay at Naxos Resort
The castle



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