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Budapest Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

Budapest attractions: historical quarters and trendy squares

Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

1 Hosok Tere
Overall rating:
Rank: 2 About 65

Hosok Tere is known as Heroes Square is one of the major squares in Budapest. This square lies at the end of Andrassy Avenue and next to City Park. The square is surrounded by two significant buildings, the Palace...

Reviewed by:
Address: Hosok Tere, Budapest

2 Andrassy ut
Overall rating:
Rank: 8 About 65

Andrassy ut or Andrassy Avenue is an iconic avenue situated in Budapest, Hungary. This avenue dates back to 1872 linking Elizabeth Square with the...

Reviewed by: Angha
Address: Andrassy ut., Budapest

3 Buda
Overall rating:
Rank: 22 About 65

  Buda is an area of Hungary’s capital city of Budapest. Located on the West bank of the Danube River, Buda occupies roughly one third of Budapest’s geographic territory, and is mostly a forested area with...

Reviewed by: Leighton
Address: 1014 Budapest, Úri utca 39, Hungary

4 Kiraly
Overall rating:
Rank: 32 About 65

Kiraly baths are known as one of the most important Turkish monuments of Budapest. Kiraly means the King and in 18th century, it came into the possession of the Konig family, due to...

Reviewed by: Angha
Address: kiraly utca

5 Pest
Overall rating:
Rank: 38 About 65

  Budapest’s name is the synthesis of what used to be two neighboring cities divided by the Danube River. Pest is the easternmost flat part of the city, and is often said by the locals when they are referring to the entire capital...

Reviewed by: Leighton
Address: 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3, Hungary

6 WestEnd Bevásárlóközpont
Overall rating:
Rank: 39 About 65

  With more than 20 million customers annually, the WestEnd City Center in Budapest, Hungary is city’s most popular place to shop.  Make no mistake; this shopping center is lavish and...

Reviewed by: Leighton
Address: 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1, Hungary

Overall rating:
Rank: 53 About 65

Piraeus is a city located in Athens, Greece and is the biggest port in Greece. The 2 main harbors here are Pasalimani and Munichia, Pasalimani being one of the largest marinas in the...

Reviewed by:

7 Batthyany ter
Overall rating:
Rank: 55 About 65

Batthyany ter or Batthyany Square is a town square situated in Budapest. Situated on the Buda side of the Danube, opposite to the Hungarian Parliament Building, this square is...

Reviewed by: Angha

Fo utca
Overall rating:
Rank: 58 About 65

Fo utca or the Main Street is an arrow straight street which runs from Clark Adam ter through Vizivaros. The street dates back from the Roman times, and had witnessed many historic...

Reviewed by: Angha

8 Liszt Ferenc
Overall rating:
Rank: 61 About 65

Liszt Ferenc is a pedestrian square which is situated in downtown Budapest. This square is known to be one of the most famous spots in the city having a number of indoor as well as outdoor restaurants and cafes....

Reviewed by: Fahim
Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 9, Hungary, Budapest

9 Ráday
Overall rating:
Rank: 62 About 65

Ráday Street is a semi pedestrian street in Hungary and is also called as “Kultutca”, as from spring to autumn the place hosts a lot of festivals, exhibitions and fairs. Also...

Reviewed by: Ekaja
Address: Budapest, Hungary


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