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Reykjavik Travel Guide

City Guide about Reykjavik with tips and reviews by travelers.

Reviews Reykjavik

Level 9
He/She travels:
Overall rating: 7
Surroundings and tours: Iceland is a dream for those who love nature. It offers the most diverse and spectacular shows within a few kilometres. From the glacier which goes right up to the sea to the volcanoes, from the boiling bubbling pools straight out of Dante to the amazing geysers. It's destination not to be missed.
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Level 31
He/She travels:
Overall rating: 8
Surroundings and tours: Iceland is a beautiful island, it's still not visited enough. Volcanoes, glaciers, cliffs, unique and unforgettable landscapes, it isn't particularly cheap, but as you'll see, you'll be amply repaid for the expense. If you love pristine nature, Iceland is the place for you!
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Level 9
He/She travels:
Overall rating: 10
Eating and Drinking: Avoid eating aukarl (shark meat, which apparently resembles our sardines) ... it isn't good (it tastes of ammonia, try it to believe it). Otherwise, it's all exceptional, especially herring, which is really good at breakfast. In many places you will find a continental breakfast.
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Level 15
Overall rating: 7
Not to miss: Iceland is a unique country. Glaciers, volcanoes, lava, wind, whales .... Hire a Jeep and explore it far and wide, especially the centre. Visit the magma chamber of a volcano: it's a unique experience. Swim in the crater of the extinct volcano Askja.
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Level 31
Overall rating: 7
Not to miss: Use Reykjavik as your base, then you have to go around the whole of Iceland along the coastal road: do some hiking inland to see the lunar landscapes, geysers, pools of boiling water and the land which is very different from what we are used to. Don't miss the cliffs and puffins.
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
Best Period to Go: Most of the tourists visit this place from June to August when there is 24 hours of daylight. July is the best time to see seabirds or whales. September is best if one wants to save money on traveling as the prices drop at this time, however it is not as sunny then. Winter is the best time to go if one wants to enjoy the glacier trips; however, a number of attractions are closed in this time of the year.
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
Not to miss:  Pools and baths in Reykjavik offer an occasion to meet people all the day along.
Family Park, in the heart of Reykjavik, is where families enjoy their outdoor activities.
Not to be missed are the Zoo founded in 1990 and opened all year, the Science World Museum whose visitors are showed new scientific and technological wonders in an easy and funny way !

The National Museum, the National Gallery and the Municipal Art Museum for the visual art, deserve a visit, too!
When getting through Reykjavik don't shy to ask people information for as everybody ... More is warm, friendly, and speak English, at least!
Reykjavik is an extraordinary place where to go to, enjoy relax and get fun!

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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
General opinion:  Since 1895, Reykjavik, the warmest capital of Europe, is the capital of Iceland.
The name Reykjavik means Bay of damp or Smoky Bay given to the city because of the warm water coming from the subsoil. The Vikings knew its properties and used it for their baths: today the warm water is used for the heating. The abundance of water promotes the swimming, which is Iceland’s national sport thanks also to the plenty of geothermic swimming pools all over the city.
The city is immersed in two distinguished worlds:
on one hand is the progress of the new technology;
... More /> on the other one is the marvellous and uncontaminated nature.
Iceland has a population of about 180.000 people which is mostly concentrated in the capital and its surrounding towns.
It is the main business, trade, communication and cultural centre in the whole country whose theatres, concert halls, art galleries, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres can delight and satisfy every taste!
The local currency of the country is the Icelandic Crown.
Climate is cold but temperate thanks to the gulf current: it is cold in the winter and rather mild in the summer. Climate is milder on the coast but very variable with frequent precipitations, rain or snow.
To better enjoy a visit there it is recommended to be equipped for all kinds of weather.

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