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Porta Maggiore in Rome

Rome Monuments and Historic Buildings: Porta Maggiore

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It was originally the point of convergence of the aqueducts of ancient Rome, the Aqua Claudia and Anio Novus. At the time the whole area in question was called to Spem Veterem, 'the old hope,' since it took the name from a shrine erected in 477 BC, by the Consul Horace to celebrate the victory over the Etruscan armies.

Reviews Porta Maggiore

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Porta Maggiore

The Porta Maggiore, previously known as Porta Prenestina, is an eastern gate in the ancient Aurelian Walls of the Italian city of Rome.

The wall was built in the 3rd century. Two of the ancient roads namely the Via Labicana and the Via Praenestina ran through this gate. The gate was made before the wall by the emperor Claudius.

Despite being ancient, both the gate and the Aurelian Walls are well preserved. It is a must visit site for archeologists and history lovers.



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