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Rome Nighlife

Things to do in Rome: discos, nightclubs, live music


1 Piper
Overall rating:
Rank: 75 About 282

One of the oldest and most popular disco in Rome.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Tagliamento 9 + Share

Disco Night
Overall rating:
Rank: 97 About 282

Rome has a lot to offer also in the nightlife scene!  Romans and tourists alike like to hang out seven days a week!  Testaccio is the club zone area of the city, before midnight nothing much...

Reviewed by: Kathleen + Share

2 Glamour Night
Overall rating:
Rank: 103 About 282

Rome is unique, even when it comes to nightlife and entertainment; there are surely loads of bars and clubs spread all over the city, and, for a glam night, one of the most chic place to be is around Piazza Navona....

Reviewed by: Kathleen
Address: Piazza Navona, Roma + Share

3 La Bella Romanina
Overall rating:
Rank: 109 About 282

Local track with indoor and outdoor dance floors, where you can dance very well smooth and Latin American standards. Eat pizza , is the first, even fish. Present is a large car park.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Ignazio Scimonelli 255 + Share

Live Music
Overall rating:
Rank: 112 About 282

Check out the live music scene in Rome if you love to hear that bass in your chest, feel drums on your feet and melody in your soul! Rome is a happening city,and there are many venues to venture for live bands...  If...

Reviewed by: Deveka + Share

4 Black Out
Overall rating:
Rank: 157 About 282

As the name suggests, the outfit of the teenagers are black and the music too is black. One can hear various kinds of music like punk, house music, rock and grunge music too. The atmosphere is extraordinary, with rock and charts musical style of...

Reviewed by: Fahim
Address: via casilina 713 + Share

Budget Art
Overall rating:
Rank: 158 About 282

Even if the times of the great artist have long gone, looking around enough, the Rome art scene can offer more than expected. Pigneto, just north of Termini, is the new buzzing creative side of the city....

Reviewed by: Jonny + Share

5 Caffè Latino
Overall rating:
Rank: 159 About 282

Welcoming and warm, with soft tones and wooden floors. Over the years it has hosted famous musicians, ranging in many more genres, from rock to blues to pop, from dance to jazz and tango all performed live.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Monte Testaccio 96 + Share

Overall rating:
Rank: 160 About 282

Small independent art exhibitions characterize many of the Pigneto area small restaurants, wineries and bars. But no need to get lost in the moltitude of lights and drinks that characterize this area, point...

Reviewed by: Andrea + Share

6 Circolo degli artisti
Overall rating:
Rank: 161 About 282

Circolo degli artisti is the most famous venue in Roma for small as well as medium scale bands. These bands come from international music circuits and there are a number of events held here. Fridays are the night...

Reviewed by: Fahim
Address: Via Casilina Vecchia + Share

7 Escopazzo
Overall rating:
Rank: 163 About 282

Simple, two rooms to choose their natural habitat (or cocktail bar and dance floor) and a predisposition to party till dawn. From the choice is between drinking beers on tap or cap, well-made cocktails and a few aged for all tastes.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via d'aracoeli 41 + Share

8 Fashion bar
Overall rating:
Rank: 164 About 282

Straight from the golden '80s fashion world, a place where the status and appearance have the weight they deserve. The music and events are very important aspect of the premises: dominates the early evening chill out, at night the pace is up and...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Piazza A. Meucci 4 + Share

9 Goa
Overall rating:
Rank: 166 About 282

Goa is one of the most famous nightclubs in the capital, offers mainly house music and shopping and has a very diverse audience (also made of VIP), albeit with a prevalence frequently in the age group 22-30 years.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Libetta, 13 + Share

10 Il Vineto
Overall rating:
Rank: 168 About 282

The restaurant present deluxe cuisine and a large wine paper. Try the tipical Italian style!

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 6
+ Share

11 Jackie O
Overall rating:
Rank: 169 About 282

Jackie O is a piano bar and opens around midnight. There is a good live music and the band sings both Italian and English songs.

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: Via Boncompagni 11 Rome Italy + Share

12 L'Alibi
Overall rating:
Rank: 171 About 282

For 40 years, the Alibi is more than just a gay club, is now a staple in the Roman night. Housed in one of the many caves lent to clubbing in the Monte dei Cocci in Testaccio, houses in its three dining rooms (including terrace) evenings are always...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Monte Testaccio 39 + Share

13 Lanificio 159
Overall rating:
Rank: 172 About 282

An old industrial building converted to the local trend that is depopulating the places of the underground Roman nightlife. A modern and minimalist, simple lines make it a pleasant outdoor space overlooking pretty activity. All weekend events with...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via di Pietralata 159 + Share

14 Locanda Atlantide
Overall rating:
Rank: 174 About 282

Very popular, especially from 23 onwards, you often have to queue to enter. In the middle of the night life of San Lorenzo, the Inn is a classic place for college (and post) with a good selection of music. The entrance is usually very cheap and even...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via dei Lucani, 22B + Share

15 Micca Club
Overall rating:
Rank: 175 About 282

An unusual club that launched the style of vintage chic to Rome. A majestic spiral staircase with a central fountain welcomes diners in a space of 600 square meters. They range from swing to rockabilly, from surfing indie music, through events...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: via pietro micca 7 + Share

16 Palacavicchi Dancing
Overall rating:
Rank: 178 About 282

A great disco sounds to dance Latin, black, hip hop, but also smooth and rockabilly; the Palacavicchi hosts big events, musical and cultural events, festivals and fairs throughout the year.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Bandinelli Bianchi 130 + Share

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