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Rome Parks and gardens

Things to do in Rome: protected areas and wildlife reserves

Parks and gardens

1 Villa Borghese
Overall rating:
Rank: 8 About 279

Villa Borghese is the largest and one of the most visited public parks in the astonishing of Rome. It is renowned for its incredibly scenic beauty that comprises of paths, fountains, lakes and...

Reviewed by: Harsh
Address: Villa Borghese

2 Gianicolo
Overall rating:
Rank: 19 About 279

A green hill permeated the ancient history of the city. Although not within the famous seven hills of the capital is among the most popular and frequented mainly by the panorama of the city.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Roma

3 Bio Park
Overall rating:
Rank: 26 About 279

It is one of the largest parks in the city, and one of the oldest zoos in Europe. It covers about 18 hectares and is home to about 1,000 different animals including birds, reptiles and mammals. The Oasis of the lake is composed of children's...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

4 Villa Ada
Overall rating:
Rank: 42 About 279

Villa Ada is one of the largest parks in Rome, Italy, spread in a surface of 450 acres. Situated in the northeast part of the city, it is home to an ancient archeological site, Monte...

Reviewed by: Punam
Address: Via Salaria, 237,

5 Villa Pamphilj
Overall rating:
Rank: 61 About 279

Villa Doria Pamphili is a seventeenth century villa and known as the largest landscaped public park in Rome, Italy. This park has landscape gardens with the exterior statues giving a rich allure....

Reviewed by: Chiranjiv
Address: Villa Doria Pamphilj

6 Parco degli Acquedotti
Overall rating:
Rank: 65 About 279

It has a total 240 hectares, its name must be linked to the presence within it of seven ancient Roman aqueducts that supplied the city: the Marcia aqueduct, the Tepula, that Julia, the Felice, Claudia and the Anio Novus to, as well to the underground,...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

7 Colle Oppio
Overall rating:
Rank: 71 About 279

Built on a green hill that slopes gently down to the Colosseum, one of the oldest and richest archaeological sites in Rome. The Oppian Hill is a park, constituted as such in the thirties, that has the privilege of hosting the remains of the grandiose...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Parco di Traiano

8 Orto Botanico
Overall rating:
Rank: 75 About 279

It is located at the top of the Janiculum, and is currently managed by the University of Sapienza. The garden is about 12 acres large and inside you can find 3,000 different species of plants.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Largo Cristina di Svezia, 24

9 Parco Rosati
Overall rating:
Rank: 76 About 279

It covers an area of 4,300 square meters, a beautiful green area in the heart of EUR district of Rome. There are rooms reserved for dining, receptions and corporate parties. Much entertainment for the whole family such as swings, a skating rink, and...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

10 Villa Torlonia
Overall rating:
Rank: 88 About 279

A small green jewel in the heart of Rome. Interesting for its historical and cultural value, the seventeenth-century villa was inhabited by the Mussolini family. Do not miss the hoot owls, whimsical art nouveau building that houses stained glass...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

11 Oasi Castel di Guido
Overall rating:
Rank: 123 About 279


12 Oasi di Porto
Overall rating:
Rank: 124 About 279

Address: via Portuense, n° 2260

13 Villa Aldobrandini
Overall rating:
Rank: 238 About 279

The villa, lavishly decorated, it housed a priceless collection of works of art that has been enriched over time of all the major works of Italian artists, Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione and Correggio, and then Leonardo, Mantegna, Tintoretto, Titian,...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Via Panisperna

14 Villa Celimontana
Overall rating:
Rank: 239 About 279

On the western summit of the Celio hill rises this century villa which covers a site of Flavian and Trajan which are city walls. Hosted the fifth cohort of the castra Vigiles. Interesting coming from the monumental portal-Villa Giustiniani Massimo.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: via della navicella


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