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Overall rating: 9
you should spend a time visiting MURANO. it's a really beautiful place. the glass art is incredible and you can visit factories to see people producing the objects. it's easy to get there, you can spend the morning there, have a lunch and came back to venice.
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Overall rating: 10
Watercity... everything on water... water stops... islands.... saint moranno, glass industries, I mean walk (on bridges), travel, eat, drink... supberb experince. It was the best trip ever had in my life till now. In my opinion everyone should vist the city to experience it.
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Overall rating: 9
April is less busy with nice cool weather. Accommodation is also less expensive off season and it is much easier to get accommodation booked. When it is cool it is easier to walk vast distances and see more. I have been in mid winter but that is a little to misty and cold
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Overall rating: 9
Venice is most charming in spring and autumn, even at the turn of November you may be dressed light and sun is shining. And yes, prices are definitely lower. You'll be almost alone in those churches-museums that will introduce you to the best of art in this city. This ticket used to allow visiting almost a dozen structures for 10EUR whuke a single entry to each was 3EUR.
Not to be missed:
attens a festival
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Level 11
Overall rating: 10
The picturesque city of Venice, Italy is full of romance and whimsy in every season, so it’s always a great time to plan your getaway! Looking for romantic trip ideas? Carnet suggests hiring a Water Taxi to take you to the Giudecca Canal just before sunset so you can enjoy the colors and reflection of the waters. Watch the rays of the sunset play on the gold of the domes of San Marco from the Bell Tower of San Giorgio Maggiore, far from the maddening crowd. Whether you’re traveling to Venice, Italy looking for romance or are a seasoned traveler, the Carnet travel guide to Venice has insider ... More travel reviews for culture rich entertainment, art museums, galleries, fine dining, luxury hotels and fashion designer shopping addresses. A stroll through the neighborhoods of Venice is a lovely and charming experience. In the summer months, visitors and locals alike enjoy long evening walks along the Giudecca. In autumn, you can walk across piazza San Marco, but don’t forget to bring your rubber boots because of the high tide! In winter, ten centuries of history are covered by a silent blanket of snow. In the spring, make sure to experience the flowers and scents of the secret gardens in the city of the Doge. While in Venice, Carnet suggests taking a motorboat across the Venetian lagoon to the island of Torcello. Visit the ruins of the old Byzantine Cathedral and have a late lunch under the shady pergolas of the gardens of Locanda Cipriani. You might be seated at the table where Ernest Hemingway wrote “Across the River and into the Trees.”
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ruth hull
Overall rating: 10
Wonderful, I have been there 4 times and would love to go back, it is so colourful.
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Overall rating: 6
Venice has countless works of art, in galleries, museums and churches, and the lagoon itself is an experience in itself. If you have the time, the other islands around Venice can also offer interesting and a little less-crowded tourist sights.
The major tourist attractions include:
St Mark's Square. The most famous sight in Venice. A lively square surrounded by beautiful architecture such as the Byzantine basilica of San Marco.
St Mark's Basilica. This is where the art and riches from the East, brought back by Venice's merchants, are kept. The coloured ... More marbles and mosaics are fantastic.
Palazzi and bridges. The best way to explore Venice is on foot or aboard waterbuses with a guidebook at hand to learn about the history of all the beautiful palaces and bridges that you will encounter. The most famous bridges are the Bridge of Signs and the Rialto, over the Grand Canal.
The Accademia. The finest of many art collections in Venice. The Galleria dell'Accademia contains, amongst others, works by Bellini, Piero della Francesca, Veronese, Tintoretto, Titian and Canaletto.

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Overall rating: 6
Venice is a peculiar city defined by all those who have seen it as one of the most beautiful in the world. It consists of more than a hundred tiny islets, packed closely together around canals. The city is in a lagoon, protected by the longer island of Venice Lido.
Venice is on the north-west of Italy. Because of its popularity amongst tourists, the best season to visit the “City of Gondoliers” is probably winter, when hotel rates are more accessible and the city streets are a little less full. However, it does tend to get quite icy and misty in ... More this season. There are also two major events in Venice such as the Venice Carnival in February and the “Biennale” (a world famous modern arts festival that takes place in summer every two years) which really should not be missed. August is definitely not the best time to go because it gets really hot and humid.
Venetians decided that the best way to safeguard them from foreign occupation was to conquer the malaria-ridden swamps to build a city from nothing. Indeed, for nearly 1400 years, the two or three miles of shallow water, which separated Venice from mainland Italy, not only protected Venice from invaders but also effectively isolated the Venetians from the turbulent Italian political life.
Venice became a republic of immense power, controlling trade routes in the Adriatic, and waging successful wars with rival states. Ruled by a doge, Venice was a proud and rich republic, known as la Serenissima (the most serene). Every year the Doge would take part in a symbolic ceremony, the Marriage of the Sea, to celebrate Venice's mastery over the ocean.
Like most great powers, however, Venice's glory was followed by a decline. Various battles were lost, notably against the Turks, and the city's trade routes declined in importance after the discovery of the New World.

By the eighteenth century, Venetians decided to take advantage of the beauty of their city and of their palaces by concentrating on the tourist trade.

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Level 1
Birendra Shrestha
Overall rating: 8
Great place to visit to be away from modern cities and enjoy old architecture and walk
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