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Moldova Vacations and Tourism Guide

Moldova Tourism and Travel: online guide for vacations to Moldova


Overall rating: 8

Surface:33,843 sq km

Population:  4,455,421

System of government: republic


Religion: Eastern Orthodox 98%25, Jewish 1.5%25, Baptist and other 0.5%25

Official Language:

Government: republic


Units of measure and electricity:

Time Zone:


Travel documents required:

Domino 2/24/2013 At 09:12
Chisinau 9
First of all bared in mind that Chisinau is a post-soviet country. And it would be unfair to evaluate it in accordance with the scale you would use for any other European city. I must admit that you would enjoy your stay in this city if you will dedicate some time to explore it and prepare your visit. As in every city if you don't know the places to go or don't ask for an advice, it will seem boring to you. The food in Moldova in general is very cheap and tasty. People are open and hospitable. Though people of the older age mostly don't speak foreign languages, but most from the young generation will be glad to help you in English or French if you are lost in the city. When it comes to safety, just use common sense as you would do in any city you don't know or visiting without...

Markus Dressler 8/7/2013 At 10:31
Chisinau 7
I enjoy Kishinev a lot and have spent over a month here in total. Kishinev is very green with trees and plants everywhere. I love the parks, cheap transportation, great and inexpensive food (unless you go to a restaurant but still cheap in comparison to European restaurant prices). Yes, poverty is blantant, but the people are warm and hospitable and are always willing to help you. The countryside is beautiful with rolling hills,quiet forests, and a fair number of small lovely lakes. The wine is good and plentiful( inexpensive) and a number of European beers can be found in many stores. If you have any questions about Moldova in general I'll be more the willing to answer your questions with the help of my girlfriend who was born and raised in Chisinau. Have a great day and come to...

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