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The medieval Old Town is in the centre of the city and is surrounded by two rings of canals. The walls and towers in this part of the city showcase the changing architectural developments. Our Lady’s Tower overlooks the old town and a carillon concert is held hear every Friday.

The Church of Saint Joriskerk, built in the Middle Ages, and the Monastery of Marienhof are the other interesting features of Old Town. The Monastery houses a Culinary Museum which traces the development of eating habits and traditions from prehistoric times to today. Museum Flehite displays a comprehensive collection of artefacts portraying the history of the region. The Cavalry Museum displays the military development of Netherlands.

A boat ride in the network of canals is a good way to see the entire city. There are several marked cycling routes around the city of Amersfoort; these traverse the fjord, nearby villages and forests.

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Amersfoort is located in the centre of Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht. This town of approximately 139,000 inhabitants is a picturesque...
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