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Amsterdam Museums

Arts and culture in Amsterdam: exhibiting areas and shows


1 Van Gogh Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 211

The Van Gogh Museum is situated in Museumplein between the Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum museums. The entrance is located at Paulus Potterstraat 7. It is open for the public daily from 10AM to 6PM and from 10AM to 9PM on Fridays. As is...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Paulus Potterstraat 7 + Share

2 Museo di Arte Moderna CoBrA
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 211

Group and exhibits works of the CoBrA movement, stands the city of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. A provocative art, surrealistic, expressive and intuitive, populated with dreamlike images, abstract, fantasy, mythology, with strong primary...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Willem Sandbergplein 1 1-3 + Share

3 Il museo delle cere Madame Tussaud
Overall rating:
Rank: 7 About 211

Subsidiary of one of the most famous museums in the world, you can take pictures with the Royal British politicians and musicians, actors and sports all in full size. Also among the many statues there is also one playing a tourist who takes pictures,...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Dam + Share

4 Nemo, scienza e tecnologia ad Amsterdam
Overall rating:
Rank: 10 About 211

It is the largest center of science and technology in Holland. It is shaped like a large ship and is the ideal place to bring children to visit because it houses interactive displays in real applications of modern science with the science experiments,...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Oosterdok 2, + Share

5 Rijks Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 13 About 211

The Rijksmuseum is sometimes called Holland’s treasure trove. The largest museum for art and history in the Netherlands, is world famous for its collection.THE COLLECTIONThe Rijksmuseum has five departments:...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Hobbemastraat 21 + Share

6 Anne Frank House
Overall rating:
Rank: 15 About 211

The museum tells the history of Anne Franck and the other people in hiding during the war.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Anne Frank House
Prinsengracht 267
Amsterdam + Share

7 Heineken Experience
Overall rating:
Rank: 17 About 211

Heineken Experience is located in Amsterdam and is a historic brewery and corporate visitor center too. This historic industrial facility was built as the first Heineken brewery in 1867. The visitors can start their tour with a short...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: 78 Stadhouderskade + Share

8 Rembrandt House Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 18 About 211

The Rembrandt House Museum is situated at Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011 NK in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The opening time is 10AM to 5PM and it is closed on January 1st (New Year’s Day). It is dedicated to life and the work of Rembrandt....

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Jodenbreestraat 4 + Share

9 Foam, museo della Fotografia
Overall rating:
Rank: 21 About 211

The Foam allows you to experience the best of photography and the Dutch not only through exhibitions, debates and projects relevant to the contemporary field and promoting emerging artists. It also runs print and online publications.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Keizersgracht 609 + Share

10 Museo del Computer
Overall rating:
Rank: 27 About 211

Inside are stored electronically, technical and scientific instruments since the Second World War until today, but also instruments of the era prior to computers, such as mechanical and electromechanical calculators, slide rules and tables. Visits are...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Computer Museum
University of Amsterdam / Department of Computer Science
Kruislaan 403
1098SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+ Share

11 Museo Storico Ebraico
Overall rating:
Rank: 28 About 211

It offers visitors the documents that illustrate and remind us of the Jewish communities of the past, from the tiresome old settlement where the rights were not recognized to the flourishing period when it reached the Equality in 1796.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 2-4 + Share

12 Il Museo dell'Arte Fluorescente
Overall rating:
Rank: 41 About 211

The Elettric Ladyland is a very special and small museum featuring a colorful fluorescent door. You can see minerals that have natural properties of fluorescence and works of art with the same characteristics.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5 + Share

13 The Resistance Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 68 About 211

The Resistance Museum presents a picture of Dutch Resistance at the time of World War II through a number of collections. These collections include artifacts, interactive displays and documents. The museum displays tell the...

Reviewed by:
Address: Plantage Kerklaan 61 + Share

14 Amsterdam Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 84 About 211

The Amsterdam Historical Museum is housed in a beautiful 17th century building which was a former civic orphanage. This museum tells the history of Amsterdam through its many collections of art and artifacts from...

Reviewed by:
Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands + Share

Overall rating:
Rank: 91 About 211

The Tropenmuseum is an anthropological museum which is situated in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Established in 1864, this museum is also one of the largest museums in the city and comprises of...

Reviewed by: Laalamani + Share

15 Computer Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 95 About 211

The Computer Museum at Netherlands is known as Stichting Computermusem. The museum-depot is located at Binckhorstlaan 251 te Den Haag, Binckhorstlaan 251 at The Hague.The building was formerly known as "Dutch Aviation...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Binckhorstlaan 251 + Share

16 musée de l'érotisme
Overall rating:
Rank: 98 About 211

The museum traces with its 5 floors, in a funny way, the universal history of eroticism. A Dutch bicycles use rather than particular to places immediately gives the tone, the rest is filled with a dose of good-natured humor but by no means vulgar...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54 1012 Binnenstad + Share

17 Museo Allard Pierson
Overall rating:
Rank: 99 About 211

The University Archaeological Museum preserves items of ancient Egyptian civilization, Etruscan, Greek and Roman in a period between 4000 BC and 500 AD. It is part of an austere gray brick complex located on the canal bank Grimburgval.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Oude Tufmarkt 127 + Share

18 Tulip Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 103 About 211

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is situated at Prinsengracht 112, 1015 EA Amsterdam. It is open daily from 10AM to 6PM. This one-of-a-kind museum aims to represent the fascinating and rich history of tulip bulbs as well as...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Prinsengracht 112 + Share

19 Hermitage
Overall rating:
Rank: 113 About 211

In over 2000 square meters of exhibition space that combines the art museum that houses Dutch and Russian has 600 paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters, Matisse and Malevich.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Amstel 51 + Share

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