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Trondheim Weather Forecasts

Trondheim: weather forecasts in Trondheim for today and next days

Date: Weather Trondheim  01/02/2015
  Sky Weather report Temperature
Night pcloudy.gif Cloudy

Max: 34° F

Min: 28° F

Morning pcloudy.gif Cloudy
Evening pcloudy.gif Cloudy

Weather forecasts Trondheim for this week

Average temperature
Min temp.
Max Temp.

Packing list of the week

Are you going to Trondheim? Here is a suggested packing list according to weather forecasts for this week.
°C / Phenomenon Accessories Clothing
Saturday 31
Sunday 1
Monday 2
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 4
Thursday 5

Weather: Other Useful Information

Directions: 86
Intensity: 2.4  Knots (KTS)
Visibility Good
Atmospheric pressure 987 Hpa
Sunrise 8:59
Sunset 16:04
Humidity 68%
Heat index 31° F

12-months weather forecasts Trondheim

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Min temp.
Max Temp.

Average rainfall

Weather in other destinations

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Night and day

Sunrise 8:59

9 hours

15 hours

Sunset 16:04

Daylighthours in Trondheim during this time of year

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