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Vila Nova de Gaia Travel Guide

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General opinion:  Vila Nova de Gaia, better known as Gaia, can be described as a city located in Portugal.
Gaia lies in Porto district; in its southern part; on river Douro’s other side.
The municipality of Gaia contains twenty-four parishes. It’s known as the most densely populated municipality all over Norte region. This place, i.e. Gaia, with Porto as well as the other twelve municipalities goes on to make up ‘Porto Metropolitan Area’.
Gaia is known for ‘lodges’ on its part; which are called ‘caves’ by locals. In these caves, the world-renowned ‘Port ... More wine’ gets stored as well as aged. These lodges have turned out to be the major tourist attractions.
‘Coat of Arms’ goes on to have consisted of a grey-colored crest with 2 golden-yellow bunches consisting of grapes towards the bottom. There is a black-colored castle over water. A person is shown having blown the horn.
The population of Gaia can be estimated to be 178255.

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Tips on where to stay

Hotel Mercure Porto Gaia
 Rua Manuel Moreira De Barros, 618 D
Distance: 0.8 km
City: Vila Nova de Gaia
Park Hotel Porto - Gaia
 Rua da Bélgica 3172
Distance: 1.1 km
City: Porto
Park Hotel Porto Gaia
 Rua Da Belgica, 3172
Distance: 1.1 km
City: Vila Nova de Gaia
Novotel Porto Gaia
 Lugar Das Chãs
Distance: 1.1 km
City: Vila Nova de Gaia

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