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Guide to the most important attractions in Romania


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Even though much of Bucharest’s French architecture was destroyed by Ceausescu, it is still an enchanting place to visit. Biserica Stavropoleos is a church with fresco-adorned walls and an impressive dome.

For a taste of Romania’s varied architecture, the museum of Muzeul Satului is a must. The Muzeul Taranului Roman is a regional museum with nearly 100,000 artefacts on display. The nineteenth-century Palatul Cotroceni, home to the royal family from 1893 to 1947, is furnished with personal items of the royal family. The Palatul Parlamentului or the Parliament Palace is a monstrous construction with its 3,000 rooms and 24 karat gold ceiling.

Transylvania, home to the legend of Count Dracula, is equally mysterious and enchanting. It is a land of forest-covered mountains, historic villages, fortified churches, and an unspoiled landscape. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Danube Delta is Europe’s largest wetland reserve.

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