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Novi Sad is popular among tourists owing to its Balkan architecture and various cultural events. One popular site is the Petrovaradin fortress on the Danube River, which has many underground passages, and more recently, a museum on the history of fortresses.

The biggest attraction of Novi Sad is Exit, the largest summer music festival of the country, attracting thousands of visitors to the city. This annual five-day festival takes place in July at the Petrovaradin fortress.

Other popular events include Infant (a children’s literature festival), Novi Sad Fair (one of the largest fairs in the region) and the Novi Sad Jazz Festival (which usually begins in November).

The Fruška Gora Mountain, 20 km from the city, is a welcome getaway for city locals with its many winemakers on the slope, around 16 Serbian Orthodox Monasteries scattered on the mountain, hiking trails, restaurants and the proximity to the Fruška Gora National Park.

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Overall rating: 7
Novi Sad is about 90 minutes by newer Freeway from Beograd (Belgrade). The Blue Danube runs through this medium sized city of approx. 100,000. An...
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abdusalam sadala
Overall rating: 8
Very good city and very kind people, I was been in novi sad before ,and i get a lot of things there and i meet a lot of friends, there the weather...
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Overall rating: 6
Novi Sad is Serbia’s second largest city and the capital of the northern Vojvodina Province. It is situated on the banks of the Danube River. ...
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