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Slovenia Events and Entertainment

Guide to the best events to attend and the festivals to enjoy in Slovenia

Events and Entertainment

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The Ljubljana Summer Festival is Slovenia’s premier cultural event, featuring music, theatre and dance performances in Ljubljana during the months of July and August. Maribor’s Lent Festival, in late June or early July, celebrates folklore, culture and music. The Kravji Bal (Cow’s Ball), held in September in Bohinj, is a time for merry-making; it marks the return of the cows to the valleys from their pastures.

The Women’s World Cup Slalom and Giant Slalom Competition are major ski events for women, held on the slopes to the southwest of Maribor. In March, the Ski Jumping World Championships is held in Planica. Every February, Kurentovanje Slovenia’s Mardi Gras is celebrated for 10 days. The religious festivities of Easter and Christmas are celebrated with vigour.

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