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Spain Health and Safety

Spain: All the information about health, safety, vaccinations and main advices for the trip

Health and Safety

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Tourists travelling to Spain have no major health risks. There are no particular vaccines required for entry into the country. Although a bird died of bird flu in 2006, there is no threat to humans. As a precaution, all contact with caged birds should be avoided and one should ensure that any poultry consumed is well cooked.

Spain, especially Madrid, has been the target of many terrorist attacks by the ETA in the recent past due to the ongoing war for independence. In spite of this, travellers are considerably safe. Tourists should be cautious against petty thefts and crimes which occur due to ignorance. One should be careful of one’s belongings, especially money, credit cards and passports in big places, crowded buses, or Puerta Del Sol. Gypsy women on the streets are notorious for fooling tourists on the pretext of reading their fortune while an accomplice picks the tourist’s pocket. Therefore, contact with such gypsies should be avoided.

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