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Switzerland Health and Safety

Switzerland: All the information about health, safety, vaccinations and main advices for the trip

Health and Safety

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Switzerland boasts of one of the best health facilities in the world, but these are very expensive. Hence, a health insurance will be beneficial. Switzerland has a reciprocal agreement with certain European countries which entitles the visitors from these countries to free emergency medical treatment. No particular vaccination is required for travelling to Switzerland unless the tourist has stayed in an infected area two weeks prior to coming to Switzerland.

As far as safety of tourists is concerned, Switzerland is probably the safest among all European countries. But, recent developments show an increase in the rate of petty thefts. Therefore, it is advisable for tourists to be vigilant and careful of pick-pockets or thieves, especially in big, crowded cities and state transport. Thefts in overnight trains are common, so travellers should be alert.

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