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Best time to visit Turkey

Turkey: The best time about when to go to Turkey

When to Visit

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The peak season is the national holiday time from July to mid-September. It’s best to visit before or after this period to avoid the crowds and also the mosquitoes. Snowfall between November–May could hamper tourism in eastern regions.

Events and Entertainment

Turkey, being predominantly an Islamic country, has several major Muslim festivals held on the lines of the lunar calendar. Ramazan, the month-long fast, ends with the festival of Seker Bayram, during which sweets are offered all around. Another important holiday is the Kurban Bayram, a time of fireworks and slaughtering sacrificial sheep (the meat is then distributed to the poor). In the month of May, Turkey witnesses an arts boom visible in... Read more

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Pamukkale 8
For thousands of years, people have been drawn to...

Marie 2/27/2014 At 08:05
Istanbul 10
Many shopping centers, and of course, the "temple"...

Ali Tamer Ürüm 2/26/2014 At 17:47
Istanbul 10
Istanbul is World Culture Heritage announced by the...