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The Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery houses a fine collection of pottery and ceramics, which is an excellent example of the flourishing pottery industry. The Gladstone Pottery Museum is another ceramic art museum with an awe-raising collection.

A recreational haven is the Biddulph Grange Garden. Apart from the lush and manicured gardens, the place also features a tour of the noteworthy wonders of the world with an Egyptian court and a Chinese pagoda.

Visitors can have a unique experience at the Trentham Monkey Forest where they can take guided tours of the sixty-acre beautiful garden and also come in close contact with the various monkeys housed here.

The Consall Hall Landscape Gardens, set amidst the green countryside, consist of lakes, bridges, blooming trees and adventure activities for the visitors. The alluring natural beauty attracts thousands of visitors every year. Nature trails are also available.

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Overall rating: 7
The people are very warm and welcoming, only too pleased to help you. Not the most modern city but has everything you need. Town centre parking is easy...
Not to be missed:
Gladstone museum
Hanley town centre
Alton towers
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Overall rating: 6
Stoke-on-Trent is a scenic city located in Staffordshire, England with a population of approximately 250,000 inhabitants. The city is a major tourist ...
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Alton towers
Gladstone museum
Hanley town centre



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