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Astley Vineyard

This is one of the small commercial vineyards, established in the middle of the year 1970. It is famous for the quality wine that it has been producing for so many years. From the first produce till date, they have been awarded as the best wine producers. You have a free admission; you enjoy the splendid scenery and will also get a chance to walk around the vineyards. You can also taste the wines; they also sell them here, so if you’re planning a gift for an old friend, back from this trip of yours, this is one of the best, an quality wine of Astley Vineyard.

Moorhall Marsh Local Nature Reserve

Placed behind the Riverside Meadows, it is a quiet place. It covers 1.4 hectares of area. You can take a long walk along the path, which will take you to pint where you can have a look at the local fauna and flora. Here you can see the wetland reserve, which has derived from the flood plains of River Severn.

River Severn and Meadows

This is an awesome spot along the river; it has lots of open space, where the complete family can have fun together. There are many activities along the river, like cruises along the river; there are many amusement parks along the riverside. Many major events are conducted here, throughout the year.

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Overall rating: 6
Stourport-on-Severn, more popular as Stourport, it is the only town which was built by a result of canals. This is the busiest inland port after...
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Brian Cale
Overall rating: 8
Worth a visit with kids. Please get the pool filled with water. Toilets not good. Fair really expensive.
Not to be missed:
paddling pool
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Paddling pool



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