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Restaurants in Windermere and pubs

Pubs and restaurants in Windermere - Where to eat it in Windermere

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Restaurants in Windermere (46)

Aunty Val's Tea Rooms 

Restaurant Boatman's Cafe 

Restaurant Bowness Kitchen 

Cafe Pizza 

Restaurant Cappuccino's 

Restaurant Darryl's Cafe 

Restaurant Emperor Of India 

Restaurant First Floor Cafe 

Restaurant Francine's Coffee House 

Restaurant Fulsilling Sandwich 

Restaurant Gibby's 

Gibby's Restaurant 

Restaurant Jade-Delight 

Restaurant Jackson's Bistro 

Restaurant Jambo 

Jerichos Restaurant 

Restaurant Lakeside Coffee Shop 

Restaurant Lake View 

Messina's Restaurant Ltd 

Restaurant Mrs Bs 

Restaurant Nissi 

Restaurant Oriental Kitchen 

Restaurant Picnic Cabin 

Postilion Restaurant 

Restaurant Prince Of India 

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