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Parikia Travel Guide  

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Info about Parikia


Parikia is the main port of Paros island. The town is strongly influenced by the architecture used during the Bronze Age and is famed by its tapered paved paths, small shops, old churches and the houses in white and blue. Parikia is the one of the famous tourist destination here because of its erratic beauty it attracts a large number of visitors. Something that is really eye catching in the town is the Panayia Ekatondapiliani Cathedral which is something really interesting it’s one of the oldest byzantine church in all Greece. Parikia town is amazing, the downtown with white and blue houses just looks flamboyant, they some of the amazing restaurants in the town, the beach is a beauty. Dinghy sailing school is a great place if you want to learn boating; the teachers here are good and knowledgeable and give you some important lessons about Boating. The town is full of fun and entertainment there are so many things to do you can go to one of the archaeological museums or a bar or for trailing.

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Robert Bale
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Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Parikia is the capital of the Paros Island in Greece. It is constructed almost at the center of the West coast of Paros near a large sheltered bay. Parikia is the arrival point for thousands of visitors who come to... more the island in summer. It is the harbor for passengers and goods and an administrative and economic center. On the top of the village is the Venetian Castle that was constructed in the early 17th century by the Venetians. The walls of this castle have been created from the remains of ancient temples. Parikia is a typical Cycladic settlement and has houses in blue and white, small shops, old churches and cobbled paths. For visitors, a large number of restaurants and cafeterias have sprouted up along the waterfront.The population of Parikia is approximately 4,500.The average high temperature varies from about 14 to 26 degrees Celsius. The average low temperature alters from about 9 to 22 degrees Celsius.
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