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Kantari in Beirut  

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Kantari refers to the densely urban area of North Beirut as it meets the sea two miles from the centre.  It is an area with a long and deep history as well as a very obvious thriving role in the city of the present day.  For tourists and travellers you can expect to find a whole array of hotels, cafes, restaurants and entertainment, to meet many tastes and any budget.

Probably the most interesting sight to be seen is the ‘Independence Palace of Kantari’ which was once the residence of former president Bechara El-Khoury and is now open to the public. It is a grand building and is worthy of attention both architecturally and for the role it has played within the history of this fascinating city.

Finally it is worth recommending the Makased Kantari Mosque (owned and run by Makaseed Philanthropic Islamic association of Beirut) to potential visitors. It is all too easy in a wild and modern city like Beirut to miss much of the culture and threads of belief which underpin the place and have guided it through its history to what we see today.

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