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Diefenbaker Canada Center

The Diefenbaker Canada Center is located in the University campus and is a museum as well as archive dedicated to the times of the 13th Prime Minister of Canada. There are permanent displays of the replicas of the Prime Minister’s office and Cabinet Chamber in Ottawa. This center is also used for temporary exhibitions related to art, science, politics and history. Close to this place, Diefenbaker and his wife were cremated.

Gladys Doll House

More than 1000 dolls belonging to various periods are displayed at Gladys Doll House. The history and background of the dolls are also exhibited.

Little Stone School House

The Little Stone School House was constructed in the late 1800s. This is the oldest surviving public building and the first school in Saskatoon. It is situated in the University campus.

Mendel Art Gallery

Permanent as well as temporary exhibitions of regional, national and international art are displayed at the Mendel Art Gallery. It is open from 09:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs and always closed on 25th December. Adjacent to this gallery, situated is a conservatory that is made up of colorful tropical plants.

Nutana Collegiate Memorial Art Gallery

Wood cuts and paintings made by Canadian artists of the 20th century are exhibited at the Nutana Collegiate Memorial Art Gallery. This place commemorates the students who sacrificed their lives in the World War I.

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Overall rating: 9
Saskatoon is a beautiful city which is a very affordable and friendly place to visit. Easy online access to a city map would be very helpful. Passes...
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Mendelart gallery
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Overall rating: 6
Saskatoon is situated on the South Saskatchewan River in central Saskatchewan in Canada. This river divides the city into west and east sides.
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Overall rating: 3
Saskatoon has become a city that has next to nothing interesting and if it is, it is too expensive.
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Mendelart gallery

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