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Hidalgo Places : Attractions and Places to Visit

Attractions in Hidalgo: information about the best places of interest in Hidalgo

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Hidalgo is well known amongst tourists for its churches. One of its main attractions in Actopan is the Augustinian Convent, built in the sixteenth century, which now houses a colonial museum with beautiful murals depicting Biblical scenes. In the town of Ixmiquilpan is the Augustinian Convent of San Miguel Arcangel built in the Renaissance style. In Huichapan are sixteenth-century churches such as the San Mateo Church and the Chapel of the Virgen de Guadalupe. The Ex-Convent of San Francisco in Pachuca includes the Regional Historic Museum; here, you can also visit the Hidalgo Cultural Centre as well.

Barranca de Tonaltongo, a picturesque gorge with attractive waterfalls and rich vegetation, is worth a visit. Ajacuba is famous for its thermal springs of El Meson del Balneario, La Carreta and Las Lumbreras. El Chico National Park, host to diverse flora and fauna, offers mountaineering and camping opportunities.

Local handicrafts from Ixmiquilpan are well renowned all over Mexico. You can visit the archaeological zone of Huapalcalco and the town of Tula de Allende for ruins of the Toltec culture.

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Pachuca (Hidalgo - Mexico)
Pachuca, or Pachuca de Soto, is the capital of Hidalgo in Mexico. Located... Next

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