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Xibalba Bar in Cancún

Nightlife in Cancún: information about Xibalba Bar

Info about Xibalba Bar

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Reviews Xibalba Bar

Reviewed by: Ralf



Xibalba Bar

Situated on Mexico’s eastern tip the rapidly growing city of Cancun is known in the region as a hot spot for nightlife of all sorts and one of the primary clubs on the scene is Xibalba.

It hosts nights which primarily feature Rock bands - live music is rightly seen as very important here. A lot of the most interesting groups on the Cancun scene can be found here from time to time as well as the occasional international star (Although these don’t tend to be the big names, rather the more creative and interesting groups that just don’t get noticed!).

As well as serving the stalwart rocker those into the more critical stuff - punk - or the more hardcore - metal - can often get their kicks here, just check ahead to see who’s playing.

The bar itself is good and on most nights has a lively atmosphere.  If you’re Spanish isn’t up to scratch you should be ok as the bar people are smart and welcoming, and there’s usually a cohort of internationals for when you get lazy.


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