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Alaska: Information and travel tips about when to go

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When to visit

Alaska, a place of serenity in the United States is worth exploring in the month of July.  This place offers unspoiled vistas for hiking, exploring and fishing and sees tourists year round, with the summer season being the most preferable time to explore the beauty of this place.  However, the best time to visit Alaska depends on what a tourist hopes to see and do, though the busiest months are June, July and August.

With longer days and warm weather offers the best landscape as everything is in full bloom. This is the paramount time to closely experience the Alaskan grizzly bears in the Katmai National Park.

Mid June through mid July are rather mild and comfortable, continuing through August and dropping moderately in September. Chances of rainfall tend to be high in August, with the winter weather can be tough unless you love skiing!

The peak tourist season is from the month of July to mid August, with packed hotels.  This is the precise time of high prices, also due to many events. The reason behind is that Alaska is worldwide famous for its events like the Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile Race, held in mid February, other than the World Ice Championship (late February to March), the Summer Solstice (June), the Alaska State Fair (late August to early September) and many other events.

If interested in exploring the wildlife, April to November are the favorable months to visit Alaska. The month of December to March offers one with the unique northern lights show, an amazing array of yellow, orange, green and red gas molecules blowing about the night sky by the solar winds. Ideal views can be along the Gilmore Trail or outside Fairbanks, atop the Ester Dome to Chatanika.

Off season or shoulder months are preferable months of May to October, when the prices are at their lowest and tourists visit Alaska, with fewer crowds.

Skiing season from December to March offers similar cost and busy-ness to the summer months - so book accordingly and in advance!


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What to visit

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Whale watching off the coast
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