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The Nuestro Barrio Neighborhood in Phoenix

Phoenix Streets and Neighbourhoods: information about The Nuestro Barrio Neighborhood

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Reviews The Nuestro Barrio Neighborhood

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The Nuestro Barrio Neighborhood


Tourists might want to skip this one.  Located near the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the Nuestro Barrio Neighborhood doesn’t have the same charm as some of Phoenix’s neighboring areas and unfortunately is losing its residents as more houses and empty lots are becoming an area problem.

Nuestro Barrio translates to “Our Neighborhood” but it’s becoming less so by those who live in the area.   Remaining residents in the area are speaking out against Phoenix’s SWAT officers and local fire department conducting training exercises in and around the neighborhood’s vacant homes.

Even though residents are fighting to keep the neighborhood’s spirit alive, it’s becoming that of a forgotten area with the airport noise coming from the Phoenix Sky Harbor not helping the local cause.  Cross this one off your Phoenix to-do list and check out some of the area’s more tourist-friendly neighborhood located more in the downtown area.



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