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Nature and sport in Tucson

Things to do in Tucson: activities, landscapes, natural landmarks and sport facilities

Nature and sport

1 Saguaro National Park
Overall rating:
Rank: 3 About 37

So many western movies have carved into our mind the image of the gigantic Saguaro as the stereotypical icon of the american desert, and yet these majestic cacti actually only grow...

Reviewed by: Eliza

2 Botanical Gardens
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 37

  The Tucson Botanical Gardens is a collection of 16 botanical gardens located at 2150 North Alvernon Way.  The original Garden property dates back to the 1930s,...

Reviewed by: Eliza

3 Tucson Mountain Park
Overall rating:
Rank: 9 About 37

  Tucson Mountain Park was established April 1929.  The Pima County Parks Commission was established to oversee the park.   At approximately 20,000 acres, the park is one...

Reviewed by: Eliza

4 La Paloma Golf
Overall rating:
Rank: 34 About 37

A paradise for the Golf lovers, the La Paloma is one of the most popular Golf Courses of the city of Tucson. It is located on the beautiful 250-acre Westin La Paloma resort that combines...

Reviewed by: Punam
Address: 3660 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ


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  Tucson is very excitng city to live & visit.it's affordable also.the city is Pretty safe!:):):) i... Next  

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