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San Juan is a quaint county, but offers various recreation facilities like hiking, skiing in winters, mountain biking, fishing and much more, owing to its location. The San Juan National Forest which is located close to the San Juan Mountains is a delightful place for the visitors. It is characterised by alpine lakes, waterfalls, unique rock formations and many archaeological ruins.

A paradise for hikers and nature lovers, the Needle Mountains is one of the famous mountain ranges in the country. The natural trails are accessible by foot and horse only, which makes the hike adventurous. Also the Silverton Mountain offers the most challenging skiing in North America.

Located nearby the county is a haven for animal lovers, the Mesa Verde National Park which houses about 200 species of birds and exotic animals. Visitors can see birds like golden eagles, hummingbirds, hawks and owls apart from animals like mountain lions and bull snakes.

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San Juan is a picturesque county located in the state of Colorado, United States. San Juan means ‘Saint John’ in the regional language. Set amidst...
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