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Atlanta Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

Atlanta attractions: historical quarters and trendy squares

Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

1 Peachtree Street
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Rank: 5 About 41

Peachtree Street is the main North-South Street in Atlanta. The city grew up around this street which was witness to many historical events. This street runs north through Midtown and into South Buckhead before changing...

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Address: Peachtree St, Atlanta

2 Buckhead
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Rank: 6 About 41

Buckhead is an uptown district situated within the Atlanta City in Georgia in United States. This neighborhood has more than 100,000 residents and around northern-one fifth of the city. It is nicknamed as Beverly...

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Address: near Peachtree St

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Downtown is the first and also the largest of the three financial districts in Atlanta City. It is the location of lots of regional or corporate headquarters, sporting facilities, city, state, county, federal government facilities and...

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3 North
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Rank: 8 About 41

North Atlanta is considered as a census-designated place in DeKalb County in Georgia. As per the 2000 census, the CDP of this neighborhood had a total population of 38,579. Also, North Atlanta is a formerly incorporated...

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Address: North Atlanta

4 East
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Rank: 21 About 41

East Atlanta area is situated on the east-southeast of downtown Atlanta. It is around ten percent of Atlanta’s area which was part of the 1909 annexation into a neighboring county. It is also called as Atlanta-in-DeKalb....

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Address: East Atlanta

5 Midtown
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Rank: 24 About 41

Midtown is located in Atlanta, Georgia and it is the second largest financial district in this city. It contains about one-third of the city’s high-rise and some of Atlanta’s most iconic...

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