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Savannah Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

Savannah attractions: historical quarters and trendy squares

Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

1 West
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Rank: 6 About 13

West Savannah is the neighborhood of Savannah and it has total area of 0.515 square miles of land with a population of 3,560 inhabitants. This neighborhood has this population with density of 6,908 people per square mile. ...

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2 Midtown
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Rank: 7 About 13

Midtown is the neighborhood of Savannah covering small district neighborhoods like Kensington, Ardsley Park, Starland Art District and Baldwin Park. These close kit communities host many events like the large scale yard...

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3 River Street
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Rank: 8 About 13

River Street is a historical street in Savannah. It was a bustling seaport which housed most of the cotton and tobacco grown in the south and sold and shipped all parts of the world. Here, one can see cobblestone streets and many such...

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Address: 404 East Bay Street

4 Historic District
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Rank: 12 About 13

The Savannah Historic District is a large urban US historic district which corresponds to the city limits of Savannah in Georgia. This neighborhood was also declared a National Historic Landmark district in 1966 and is...

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Address: 101 E. Bay Street


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