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Bellevue is a main city in the county of Blaine and in the middle of USA within the state of Idaho. It is situated on the Wood River Valley. Bellevue city is 5170 feet above sea level and the total area of the city is 3.1 km/sq.
The Population of Bellevue city is 1,876 as per the 2000 census. The weather of Bellevue is cold as well as warm. In summer the average temperature is 30 and in winter is goes down to near about 5-8 degrees.
The population of Bellevue is involved with different types of occupation. However, the majority of the population is connected with Construction, ... More Education, and Maintenance types of work and the rest can be linked with sales-services, farming, fishing, production, transportation, financial operation and also Politics. Fireworks in McCall is the famous event in this state, it’s also the major attraction for the people of the city.

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