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Iowa Places : Attractions and Places to Visit

Attractions in Iowa: information about the best places of interest in Iowa

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The state is named after the Native American tribe Ioway, also known as the Baxoje people. Iowa has a rich Native American culture, with approximately 17 native tribes inhabiting the region at some point in time. Today, only the Meskwaki tribe remain to carry on the heritage of the past years. Most ‘Iowans’ come from a North European background.

Apart from the golden dome of the State Capitol, the capital city is home to the uniquely-different Des Moines Art Centre, which is considered to be a piece of art in itself. Not to be missed is the Effigy Mounds National Monument which covers 2,526 acres of prehistoric Indian burial mounds, dating back to 500 BC. At Boone, one can find the Kate Shelley Bridge, which is the highest double-track railway bridge in the world. Not to be left out is the Fenlon Place Elevator in Dubuque, known for being the world’s steepest and shortest railway line.

The Great River Tug Fest is held every August and features a huge tug-of-war on the Mississippi River between Port Byron in Illinois and Le Claire in Iowa. In the months of June and July, festivals like the patriotic Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival and the mystic Mississippi Valley Blues Festival at Davenport see thousands of guests flocking to the region. The six-day Burlington Steamboat Days and the busy Iowa State Fair are also worth visiting.

Top Destinations Iowa

Des Moines (Iowa - United States)
Des Moines is the capital of the State of Iowa, USA. It is the county seat for the... Next

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Sioux City (Iowa - United States)
Sioux City can be described as a city located in Woodbury and Plymouth counties in Iowa, US. Sioux City is ‘primary city’ out of ‘4-county... Next

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Cedar Rapids (Iowa - United States)
Situated on the River Cedar, the city of Cedar Rapids is a beautiful city with lakes, rivers and hills. It has a continental... Next

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Ames (Iowa - United States)
Ames can be mentioned as a city situated in the center of Iowa, US. It stands at an approximate distance of 30 miles on the northern side of ‘Des... Next

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Council Bluffs (Iowa - United States)
In the county of Pottawattamie, there is a city named Council Bluffs in the state of Iowa in US. It shares its premises with the eastern banks of... Next

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Dubuque (Iowa - United States)
Dubuque is a very large city based in the Dubuque County situated in the state of Iowa, USA. It is considered important because it lies at the... Next

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Davenport (Iowa - United States)
Davenport is a very useful and important city to the Scott County in Iowa in the United States. The city has never failed to constantly show signs of... Next

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Waterloo (Iowa - United States)
Waterloo is a city which is the country seat of Black Hawk County in Iowa. Waterloo belongs to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Metropolitan... Next

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West Des Moines (Iowa - United States)
West Des Moines is a city in Polk in Dallas. This city used to be home to the Fox and Sac tribes. Prior to January 1, 1938, this city... Next

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Coralville (Iowa - United States)
Coralville is a very important commercial and economic avenue found in the county of Johnson which is present in the state of Iowa present in... Next

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What to visit

Bike trails
 Nature and sport (Ankeny)
Daniel Mcconn Barn
 Landmarks and Historic sites (Fort Madison)
Des Moines and more
 Surroundings (Ankeny)
Johnson County Historical Society
 Museums (Johnson County)
Saylorville Lake
 Nature and sport (Ankeny)
The Historical and Coal Mining Museum
 Museums (Centerville)
West Okoboji Lake
 Nature and sport (Okoboji)
Cedar Rapids Kernels
 Nature and sport (Cedar Rapids)
Johnny Clock museum
 Museums (Fairfield)
Bayou Bend Park
 Parks and gardens (Charles City)
Boone River International Trail
 Nature and sport (Webster City)
Crossroads RV Park
 Nature and sport (Mount Pleasant)
Donna Reed Center for the Performing Arts
 Theaters and performance (Denison)
Higgins Museum
 Museums (Spencer)
Iowa State Historical Museum
 Museums (Polk County)
Jubilee Bible Church
 Museums (Ottumwa)
Log Cabin
 Parks and gardens (Atlantic)
Main Street Trolley
 Landmarks and Historic sites (Clear Lake)
National Balloon Museum
 Museums (Waukee)
Putnam Museum and Imax Theater
 Museums (Bettendorf)
Sharon Bluffs State Park
 Nature and sport (Centerville)
Shelby County Historical Museum
 Museums (Harlan)

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