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New York Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

New York attractions: historical quarters and trendy squares

Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

1 Times Square
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 288

Times Square is the main junction in Manhattan in the city of New York and it has become a world landmark. The street displays animated and digital advertisements and is a busy...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Times Square, Manhattan

2 Ground Zero
Overall rating:
Rank: 7 About 288

Ground Zero World Trade Center Site is one of the most sadly popular sites of the latest years. Place where the attack on the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001 took place, is now going through a process of visual and spiritual rebirth, and it is...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: World Trade Center

3 Brooklyn
Overall rating:
Rank: 8 About 288

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York. Residential, multi-ethnic and destination of many Italians who are now living in the city, is home to many theaters and cultural attractions, as well as the hononymous museum among the largest of the...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

4 Fifth Avenue
Overall rating:
Rank: 9 About 288

New York is a shopping paradise. One of the worls most famous department store is the Saks 5th Avenue, located near the Rockefeller Center. In additon to this, FAO Schwartz,...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

5 Wall Street
Overall rating:
Rank: 16 About 288

It is one of the most important financial centers in the world (if not the most important) and is located in Lower Manhattan, from Broadway to South Street it is the financial district of Wall Street, which houses the headquarters of the New York...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Wall Street

6 Broadway
Overall rating:
Rank: 17 About 288

Broadway is a wide avenue which is situated in New York and runs the full length of Manhattan continuing into the Bronx. This is also the oldest north south main thoroughfare in...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: Broadway

7 Harlem
Overall rating:
Rank: 18 About 288

Harlem is a neighborhood in the city of New York which is known as the main African-American business and cultural centre. Earlier associated with poverty and crime, the region is fast developing due to its economic and...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

8 Greenwich Village
Overall rating:
Rank: 19 About 288

Greenwich Village is also known as the “Village”. This is a large residential neighborhood situated on the west side of Lower Manhattan and is home to large majority of...

Reviewed by: Ekaja

9 Staten Island
Overall rating:
Rank: 20 About 288

Staten Island, the fifth district of New York, is an island south of Manhattan, connected to the rest of the city by a frequent ferry service. For nature lovers, the district is ideal, being the greenest of the five. It has hosted the debris from...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

10 High Line
Overall rating:
Rank: 21 About 288

The High Line, as the name suggests, is a raised walkway located in the Chelsea neighborhood. About two kilometers long, takes the place of an old railway. It is ideal for observing from a different perspective of the city lights at sunset.

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

11 Little Italy
Overall rating:
Rank: 22 About 288

Little Italy is an open air painting: the merchants from the Italian accent, dozens of restaurants serving typical of the beautiful country and the tricolor flags in the windows really seems to be an art scene. In fact, the neighborhood is more of a...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

12 Chelsea
Overall rating:
Rank: 24 About 288

Chelsea is a neighborhood situated on the West side of the Manhattan borough of New York.  Chelsea Historic District, an area in the neighborhood is listed on the National...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: Chelsea

13 TriBeCa
Overall rating:
Rank: 27 About 288

TriBeCa is a syllabic abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street”, although it is an irregular trapezoid. It is situated to the south of Soho in Manhattan. It also hosts...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Hudson Street

14 ChinaTown
Overall rating:
Rank: 30 About 288

A set of smells, tastes, languages and cultures: you have arrived in China Town, the famous and very popular neighborhood of downtown Manhattan. Walking through it's streets is a real experience, as well as buying food and traditional Chinese...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

15 Manhattan
Overall rating:
Rank: 35 About 288

Manhattan is one of the most famous and oldest of the five boroughs of New York. Its unique architecture and beauty has been attracting tourists around the world to explore. The skyscraper, former world’s...

Reviewed by: Darshadana

16 Bronx
Overall rating:
Rank: 38 About 288

In the north area of Manhattan extends one of the five districts of New York City: The Bronx. Although it does not enjoy popularity because of the crime rate, the Bronx is under appreciation. Many people have begun to populate it and several chain...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Bronx

17 Queens
Overall rating:
Rank: 42 About 288

Located to the east of the island of Manhattan, Queens is one of five districts of the city, according to the number of inhabitants. It is the largest district and is home to two major airports (JFK and La Guardia) and the famous district of Jamaica,...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Queens

18 Union square
Overall rating:
Rank: 75 About 288

Union square, rich with some of the best boutiques and restaurants of Manhattan, was designed in the nineteenth century. It is home to the well known Greenmarket. Its active market offers...

Reviewed by: Laalamani

19 Nolita
Overall rating:
Rank: 86 About 288

Nolita stands for North of Little Italy. This place boosts some of the hippest boutique stores, cafes and restaurants. If you are in town for shopping, you get to spend a day here and in adjacent to SoHo. There are lot of...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: Nolita

20 Theatre District
Overall rating:
Rank: 89 About 288

As the name suggests, the Theatre District is the exclusive place where you can find the main theaters. Special events, live shows and musicals make the area the most important for lovers of culture and theater. The famous Broadway Theatre, an area...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

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