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Durham Parks and gardens

Things to do in Durham: protected areas and wildlife reserves

Parks and gardens

1 Eno River State Park
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Rank: 6 About 17

 The Eno River State Park is 5,700 acres of protected land.  This river begins in northwest of Orange County and flows through the eastward for 33 miles flowing to the Falls Lake. While going through the river, one can pass...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: 4419 Guess Rd

2 Sarah P. Duke Gardens
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Rank: 12 About 17

The Sarah P Duke Gardens is located in Durham. The Sarah P Duke Gardens has plenty of imported and native plants. The plants found there are Mountain Columbine, Wisteria and Japanese Iris. Pets are also allowed in this...

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Address: 426 Anderson St, Durham, NC, United States


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