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Hanneke goes Antarctica! - Travelogues February 2007

Hi all,

We're leaving UEA on Sunday at 8:45 in the morning. We're travelling to Heathrow by coach, then flying to Madrid where we board a plane all the way to Santiago (in Chile, it takes 14 hours!) late at night. We'll arrive there in the morning and continue to Punta Arenas (at the southern tip of Chile). We will spend the night there.

From there, we will fly to Rothera and board the ship (on Tuesday).

It's all very exciting!! Patama and I have organized a small goodbye party tonight, it should be fun. On Saturday I am probably packing, we're lucky we can bring lots of luggage and that all the warm clothes are already on the ship. (We had to try them on last July when it was 30 degrees! :D)

So my next message will probably be from Antarctica!! Till then!!

Hanneke :)
Duration: 15 days Rating
Reviewed by: Hanneke Luijting + Share

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