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Guide to the most important attractions in Australia


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Australia’s greatest symbol, Sydney Opera House, provides the most spectacular venue for the confluence of all major forms of art. Being an island, Australia’s biggest virtue is its beaches, one of the best being the Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Home to several museums, Australia is a delight for history afficionadoes, especially the Australian Museum and the Powerhouse Museum.

Australia’s premier fun park—the Adventure World—in Perth, is a must visit for a complete day full of family fun. The amazing wildlife of the country can be enjoyed at the Taronga Zoo housing more than 2,000 species. Take an underwater trip by visiting the largest aquarium in the world, the Sydney Aquarium.

A trip to Australia is incomplete without witnessing the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest single structure in the world that has been made by living organisms. Located on the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, it is a World Heritage Site.

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Tim wafe 12/12/2014 At 12:13
Perth 10
Becoming very expensive. why? it's not Paris or...

Chantelle mongoo 9/19/2014 At 05:08
Geraldton 10
Beautiful.. Friendly safe inviting unleavable and...

Lozzi 4/19/2014 At 03:52
Cooktown 9
the sovereign resort hotel is beautiful....with a...