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Useful information about economy issues in Australia


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Australia has a mixed economy which is prosperous; it has a very high GDP. Agriculture and natural resources, both contribute substantially to the country’s exports. Australia’s important export centres include Japan, China, the US, South Korea and New Zealand.

Enjoying one of the highest standards of living, Australia is a friendly, sophisticated and affordable country. Students or backpackers can avail discounts on a variety of things.

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Tim wafe 12/12/2014 At 12:13
Perth 10
Becoming very expensive. why? it's not Paris or...

Chantelle mongoo 9/19/2014 At 05:08
Geraldton 10
Beautiful.. Friendly safe inviting unleavable and...

Lozzi 4/19/2014 At 03:52
Cooktown 9
the sovereign resort hotel is beautiful....with a...