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Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve

The ‘Devils marbles’ can be described as clusters of loads of mysterious ‘rock spheres’ situated in ‘scenic Australian Desert’ adjacent to Tennant Creek’s outback town; having scattered in the form of heaps all through a broad, shallow valley. Boulders that are usually precariously balanced one upon the other; had been formed through thousands of years pertaining to ‘erosion’. The natives, i.e. Aborigines are of the belief that these boulders are Rainbow Serpent’s eggs.  The age-old Aboriginal mythology which surrounds this amazing geological structure can be easily explored via a short walking trail (self-guided); along with informative signage.

This reserve goes on to stretch over 1802 hectares. It’s a home to unique desert fauna and flora; inclusive of finches and goannas. Camping is allowed. However, fees need to be paid.

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Wycliffe Well stands at the distance of 130 km on the northern side of  Tennant Creek. Moreover, it lies at the distance of 380 Km on the northern...
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