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Do It Yourself Coron Palawan Tours - Palawan  

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Reviews Do It Yourself Coron Palawan Tours

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Do It Yourself Coron website is created mainly for the purpose of creating Joining Groups. Joining Group is a tour group that is open for joining. For example, a group of 2 and a group of 3 combined makes one... more big group of 5. And this group of 5 will now share the cost of 1 boat or van rent. In this way, the tour cost becomes lower and affordable. However, in order to have a Joining Group, someone must start it. Thus, those first group who are willing to make the boat or van reservation deposit is the starter or creator of the Joining Group. Reservation deposit system is done in order to make the Joining Group a reliable tour group you can join. This site is not limited to Joining Groups. An Exclusive Group can be formed also to do such tours. The tours or itineraries proposed on http://diycoron.wordpress.com/ are merely suggestions: it is up to you to decide whether to revise it or not. Tours are packaged with food to eat during the boat or van trip, with the entrance fees or overnight fees Tour Costs include the following: 1) Boat Rent with Free Snorkel Mask, 2) Food & Its Preparation, 3) Entrance Fee, Overnight Fee, & Other Fee 4) a Minimal Operations Fee for coordinating and communications (these are not free ofcourse). In these Tour Cost components, you may have the option to Unpackage it with (or remove) the Food Cost and Entrance Fee and just buy/prepare/pay on your own; or you may have the option to Package it with Food Cost and Entrance/Overnight Fee.
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Level 9     1 Trophy   
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