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One of the most important spots in the city is the Mount Cavalry and the Way of the Cross. Housed amidst a beautiful wooded area, the Way of the Cross consists of the sculptures of the Christ with the Cross in 14 different poses culminating with the final one of Christ on the Cross. This Mount Cavalry is the third most important in the world and attracts a lot of tourists. In the vicinity, stands the quaint Saint Gemma Chapel.

The wild surroundings and the mountains have made Tandil an attractive spot for adventure sports enthusiasts. Opportunities for all sorts of activities like hand gliding, horse riding, mountain climbing, kayaking etc are available here.

Although, Piedra Movediza—a large granite boulder that sat perched on a hilltop oscillating for centuries—fell and smashed to pieces almost a century ago, visitors still climb the 200 steps to the spot where it used to stand.

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Tandil is located in the Buenos Aires province in the eastern part of Argentina. This city with a population of approximately 108,000 inhabitants is...
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