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Ushuaia: Attractions and Things to do

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1 Museo Maritimo de Ushuaia
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 8

  Located in the former Presidio of Ushuaia (Yaganes and Gobernador Paz ), a penal colony from which the settlement itself took origin, this is actually four museums merged into a single location. ...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: Museo Maritimo De Ushuaia - Yaganes, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Type: Museums

2 End of the World Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 2 About 8

Walking down Pres. Bernardino Rivadavìa Street, when we reach the corner with Av. Maipu we are faced by an old building overlooking the bay: in what was once a bank, now is hosted the End of the World...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: -54.806127,-68.300714
Type: Museums

3 Adventure Trip
Overall rating:
Rank: 3 About 8

Travelling to Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost territory in the world, is a beautiful and transcendental adventure. A visit to Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia and its unique surroundings means the possibility of...

Reviewed by: Emma
Type: Nature and sport

4 Lago Roca
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 8

  Fifty kms away to the west of Ushuaia we reach the Lago Roca: this wide morenic lake is actually divided in two by the chilean-argentinian border,...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: -54.775346,-68.626099
Type: Nature and sport

5 Ushuaia Penitentiary
Overall rating:
Rank: 5 About 8

In 1896 the Argentine authorities decided to create a penal colony for recidive offenders on the Ushuaia Bay and a first group of 14 inmates were sent to what was then a remote and inospitable location: the aim was...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: yaganes, ushuaia, Argentina
Type: Landmarks and Historic sites

6 Martial Glacier
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 8

If you feel like getting to know the wild side of nature, take a taxi from Ushuaia and cover the small distance (4.5 km to the North East) that gets you to the Martial Glacier.  You will be...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: -54.803851,-68.358994
Type: Nature and sport

7 Ushuaia Bay
Overall rating:
Rank: 7 About 8

  The Yàmana word "ushuaia", from which the town who calls itself the "end of the world" and claims to be the most southernmost in the world gets its name, means exactly "bay facing...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: Av Maipù
Type: Nature and sport

8 Cerro Castor
Overall rating:
Rank: 8 About 8

Following the Ruta 3, just 26 kms from Ushuaia we reach the Cerro Castor, which rightfully claims to be the poshest and most exclusive winter resort in Argentina.  Its peculiar...

Reviewed by: Rhys
Address: -54.793956,-68.377533
Type: Nature and sport

Neighbouring places: Ushuaia

Tolhuin - 44.7 mi

Tolhuin is a small town in Tierra del Fuego province of Argentina. Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost region of the country and is in fact separated from the rest of the country by a narrow ...

Distance: 72
City: Tolhuin

What to visit

Adventure Trip
 Nature and sport
Lago Roca
 Nature and sport
Ushuaia Penitentiary
 Landmarks and Historic sites
Martial Glacier
 Nature and sport
Ushuaia Bay
 Nature and sport
Cerro Castor
 Nature and sport

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