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Best time to visit Argentina

Argentina: The best time about when to go to Argentina

When to Visit

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It is vital to note that the seasons get reversed from that in the Northern Hemisphere. The Patagonia and Andes are best visited in summers. Travel the northern region during winters while autumn-spring is ideal for visiting Buenos Aires.

Events and Entertainment

Tango is very popular in Argentina and the International Tango Festival is its pride. Held during February–March, this festival gets the entire nation swinging to its beats. The Gaucho Festival is an extremely popular event, especially in the ranches of the Pampas. The International Rural Festival exhibits livestock and agriculture and its importance in Argentina’s economy. Código País Creative Trends Festival, held annually, features... Read more

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What travelers say

Analie Julie Yesterday at 22:36
Buenos Aires 9
Buenos Aires is too big for just a week. Lot of...

Pierpaolo Yesterday at 08:30
Buenos Aires 8
Both to sleep and for fun, you want the Palermo...

Giusi 1/29/2014 At 20:35
Buenos Aires 10
It isn't difficult to travel either within the city...