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Brazil Health and Safety

Brazil: All the information about health, safety, vaccinations and main advices for the trip

Health and Safety

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When travelling to the rural areas of Brazil, a yellow fever vaccine is recommended. Those travelling from an infected area are required to possess a yellow fever certificate. Vaccines against Hepatitis A and Typhoid are also recommended.

There is high risk of contracting malaria and dengue fever. Hence, protection against mosquitoes and insects is strictly recommended. A disease called Chagas, caused by a parasite, is widespread in the rural areas. Tourists should thus be careful and contact a doctor immediately in case of symptoms such as fever, nausea, muscle ache and pain or swelling of the insect bite.

Brazil is a politically stable country with no major terrorist threats. However, petty crimes are a common feature in big cities. In fact, Rio is notorious for having one of the highest crime rates in the world. Acts of mugging with weapons is on the rise. Visitors are advised to not wear expensive jewellery and keep money in the hotel safe.

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