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Rio de Janeiro Landmarks and Historic sites

Rio de Janeiro attractions: monuments and popular sights

Landmarks and Historic sites

1 Christ the Redeemer
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 64

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ. It is situated on Corcovado Mountain, 700 meters above the sea level, in Rio de Janeiro. The statue is 38 meters high, 8 of which are part of the...

Reviewed by: Ilaria

2 Sambadrome
Overall rating:
Rank: 12 About 64

The Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro is one of the focal points of the city during the period of carnival, the structure also gets to hold 90 thousand people crowding the stands to watch the parades of samba schools in...

Reviewed by: Ilaria
Address: R. Marquês de Sapucaí - Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro

3 The Metropolitan Cathedral
Overall rating:
Rank: 29 About 64

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, entitled to Sao Sebastiao (San Sebastian) is one of the most “eccentric” sacred buildings in the world: from the conical shape, in fact, the structure is...

Reviewed by: Ilaria
Address: Av. Chile, 245 - Centro

Pão De Açúcar
Overall rating:
Rank: 43 About 64

Another postal card on Rio de Janeiro is a hill in the entrance of Guanabara bay. You can get there by a panoramic cable car that offers one of the most beautiful views on the city. Floresta da Tijuca (Tijuca's Forest) Very near to...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

Best Places
Overall rating:
Rank: 44 About 64

Seeing everything in Brazil in mere two days is quite impossible, and so a tourist needs to concentrate on a specific city in order to enjoy his stay. Rio de Janeiro is an excellent choice and has some of the best...

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Overall rating:
Rank: 45 About 64

The city also offers excellent hotels and tourism agencies. There is a good communication and installation system appropriate for every nature events, like the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1992, concentrating ...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

Packing List
Overall rating:
Rank: 49 About 64

Ipanema Beach offers bright sunshine, fresh unpolluted blue water and lots and lots of fun. The weather is dry and warm so it is advisable to use light weight natural fibre clothes; T-shirts, cargo shorts, Bermudas and bikinis for the...

Reviewed by: Jacopo

Overall rating:
Rank: 52 About 64

Going to a beach in Rio is more than abandoning yourself in the sand and enjoying the sea. It’s walking, bicycling, meeting friends, watching the sunset, appreciating the walk around in the walkway, drinking coconut water or a very ...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

How to Get There
Overall rating:
Rank: 54 About 64

Rio de Janeiro is 1150 km far from Brasilia and 420 km far from São Paulo. It’s has an enormous and modern International Airport, that receives flights from all over Brazil and the world. Galeão airport, next to the ...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

4 Church of Candelária
Overall rating:
Rank: 58 About 64

Address: Praça Pio X, s/n, Centro, Rio de Janeiro

5 Copacabana Fort
Overall rating:
Rank: 59 About 64

Address: Praça Cel. Eugênio Franco, 1 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22070-020, Brasile

6 National Library
Overall rating:
Rank: 61 About 64

Address: Avenida Rio Branco, 219 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Overall rating:
Rank: 63 About 64

Staying in Copacabana during the réveillon and participating in one of the most beautiful collective parties in Rio. At midnight, the spectacle of fireworks begins, with white dressed people occupying the entire border getting ...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff


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